Monday, April 25, 2011

Something Fun For New Moms

I have seen these advertised from different sites and I thought they were a neat idea, so why not try it myself. And of course with my baby sister expecting a baby soon I thought it would be the perfect gift. It is a nursing reminder bracelet. Or it could be a feeding reminder (if you bottle feed) or a diaper changing reminder.

If you have ever been a new Mom, you know that the days really are a blur those first few weeks and this is just a little help in one area. There are numbers and then four beads between each number. Each of those four beads represents 15 minutes so you can put the charm at the nearest 15 minute reminder. You can also switch wrists to remind you what side you are supposed to start on next. I know that some nights it would take me a bit to remeber where to start.

I found these beads and they fit my sis perfectly but this bracelet could be in any color or beads that you prefer. I have added it to my price list.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

May Miracles: One in particular...

Let's go back a bit...and yes this will be about jewelry...eventually.

When I first became pregnant with Ian I needed all the support I could get. In real life, online, whatever! I was blessed to find IVillage and to become part of the May 2004 Expecting Club. I met many incredible women and I am happy to say that I have remained friends with many of them to this day! Yes for over 7 years I have had these friendships. These friendships have meant as much, and sometimes more, than some friendships I have had in real life. I have laughed with these Moms, cried with these Moms and we have been there for each other, and yes sometimes we have even had silly little high school tiffs-see just like in real life:)

I am also happy to say that I have met some of these Moms in real life and you know what, they are just as FANTASTIC in real life as they are online:)

One of these Moms has a special place in all of our hearts. Kerry. I am not going to go into the full story becasue I can't even begin to do it justice with my pieced together blog, but you can read about her, her husband Patrick and their AMAZING son Finnegan at Plus if I start typing about it the tears will be flowing and I will never finish this entry. I would also put a plug in to donate to Finnz Fundz if you can, even a little bit can help.

Anywoooo, where I am going with all of this is here: Mom and I were shopping for beads, wire, and many other things and came to the end of our trip and she noticed a clearanced bowl of different charms. She picked one up and said "this one looks like a butterfly." I snatched it up, as I knew that butterflies are something that Kerry looks at as a reminder of her beautiful little boy Finn (and that is why you see butterflies flying on Facebook through me and the other Moms). So I wasn't done shopping because I think that Finn was telling me that his Mom needed a new necklace:)

And that whole thing about not crying, well that didn't happen, but I still finished...barely.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not Just Jewelry...

When I was little I remember having homemade cakes that were made by my Mom. I remember Strawberry Shortcake, Holly Hobby and Barbie too, somewhere along the way. So I decided that I wanted to be able to do this for my children too. Little did I know that I could actually do it! Here are some that I have made:

Ian's 3rd birthday cake! Lightning McQueen.

Ian's 4th birthday cake! Thomas the Tank Engine! Probably the hardest I have done!

Ian's 5th birthday cakes! Yes there had to be two:) Speed Racer (left) and Racer X (right).

And Ian shared his 5th birthday party with his sister, who was baptized on that day:)

And the next thing I know she was starting to have birthdays! This is her Puppy Cake from her first birthday!

Thsi is her princess cake from her 2nd birthday!

And these cakes are from her 3rd birthday, which was just this past February. Her tastes haven't changed much since her 2nd!

I have just recieved my very first cake order from someone who is not related! I am going to make a Guitar/Bieber inspired cake for a beautiful little girl who is turning 8. I am very excited to make it and will post pictures once it is done. Wish me luck!

**And to those wondering about Ian's 1,2 & 6 birthday cakes...1-ordered a tractor cake, 2-made a train cake but cannot find a picture of it and 6-had my gallbladder taken out 1 week prior so I gave myself a pass that year:)

Monday, April 18, 2011


For me giving jewelry is really why I make it. I like seeing someone's face when they open the box, or when they get a compliment on it. Here is one I just finished for a co-worker's upcoming birthday. Not sure if she reads my blog but if she does, it won't be a suprise when I give it to her.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Matching jewelry for a special occassion

First when you look at this picture I want you to notice how beautiful this couple is and how happy they are at this moment. This is my sister and my brother in law on their wedding day almost a year ago.

As you can see my sister does not have a typical wedding dress. So of course when she was looking for jewelry, she wanted something just as beautiful and unique as her dress. So what does one do in this dilemma? Well look to her big sister who kind of makes jewelry. Sister showed me pictures and we took a trip to the bead store together and this is what we came up with. It turned out great and complimented the dress and her beauty well. She also has on small jade earrings that match.

Pefect jewelry to match the perfect dress on the perfect day.

But that was last year...

Below you will find an updated picture of my sister. She is expecting her first bundle of joy in the beginning of June. So I am just waiting to see if I need to put an emerald or an alexandrite crystal in her birthstone necklace. And she is also making me wait to see if I am buying pink or blue, ask anyone I am not very good at waiting.

Love you Sis!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun with jewelry:)

Technically these subjects were also handmade by me, with a little help from my hubby:) This is Kennedy wearing a necklace I made her, with her favorite thing, turtles:)

This is Ian wearing a necklace he made for himself! Very cute!

Another picture of Kennedy....

And a close up of her turtle.

If you have never made jewelry, I suggest you try it. It is really a lot of fun and kids love it, as you can see.

Another style. Rounded letters instead of cubes:)

Prices for bracelets.

These can vary based on the amount of letters/birthstones you want. The GRANDMA bracelet you see here starts with a base price of $25, which includes 4 birthstones, each additional birthstone is $1. MOM bracelets start at $20, which includes 4 birthstones, each additional birthstone is $1. If you want the bracelets personalized with names, I can do that too:) I hope to be showing more examples of the items I make as time goes on.... Thanks for looking!

Prices for necklaces.

This is a simple birthstone necklace. This is the one I wear. The metal that you see is sterling silver, including the chain. This necklace as you see it (with your choice of birthstones) is $15 plus shipping. If you want to add more birthstones they are $1 each. The chains are 24 inches, if more chain is needed there will be an extra charge.

This necklace has a little more length to it and more birthstones. The base for this is $17 and each additional birthdstone is $2.

If you have anymore ideas on what you would like we can talk and decide what your needs are and I can come up with a price for you. Thanks for looking!

Bracelet prices to come:)

The Beginning...

Well here goes. I have been making jewerly for over a year now and really enjoy it. Yesterday, April 4, 2011, I decided to post on my FB page that I could make some for Mother's Day and I received 6 orders immediately. So this will be my place to post pictures of what I have made and to get contacts if you are wanting to order. I am a NEWBIE in every sense of the word so I am not even sure if I know how to do pictures and I think that would be an important part of this site:) So bear with me as I begin.